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The special feature of our bag ripper is that recyclable waste and input materials of various sizes are torn open and almost completely emptied. The recyclable materials are neither crushed nor ground.
Perfect preparation for the preparation of:


  • Light packaging material / yellow bags
  • MSW
  • Bio waste
  • Paper and Cardboards


Directly after the bag splitter, the use of an oversize separator is an advantage.
Large materials such as films and foils are removed from the material flow at the beginning of the preparation process (before screening):


    • Increase of the plant availability
    • Improvement of the screening effect
    • Increase of the fines
    • Increase of the plant throughput
    • Pre-sorted film stream


Nowadays, work safety has the highest priority. Removing wires from wrapped bales is a hazardous operation when carried out manually. For this reason, our customers have entrusted us with the development of the bale breaker. Our bale breakers can process the following bale types without any problems:


    • Mixed Plastic Bales
    • Bottle Bales
    • Paper Bales

Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH – Over 30 years of innovative recycling technologies

Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH offers unique technologies for recycling as well as for automated storage systems. Already since 1990 we develop and produce machines for the recycling industry in Krempe, in the north of Germany. Matthiessen machines are in daily use worldwide, from Europe; Australia to South and North America, from South Africa to Sweden and Norway, from Russia to Korea and Hong Kong.

Our product range for the recycling industry includes bag opener, bale breaker, oversize separator and dosing bunker. The field of application of our machines are processing plants for waste of various types, such as light packaging, green waste, municipal solid waste or paper or cardboard. Only through optimal preparation for the subsequent processing steps can an efficient and high recycling rate be achieved. True to the motto „Start good – All good“, machines from Matthiessen are therefore the best possible choice for a perfect start into the recycling process.

The responsible use of our planet’s resources is the basis of our actions. The endeavour here is to achieve the greatest possible efficiency with the lowest possible energy input. We have been able to achieve this challenge through the continuous further development of our machines, so that only 30 kW of power are required for the processing of 40 t/h of household waste. – This is how resource-saving recycling works!

The further development of sorting technology enables a constantly higher recycling rate and thus places ever greater demands on efficient material feeding. This circumstance is made more difficult by the most varied types of waste, which differ greatly from country to country but also from region to region. These requirements are met by our machines due to their modular design. The rotor – counter comb system can thus be optimally adapted to the respective feed product, so that the best possible results are achieved.

More than 30 years of experience and over 500 references in the field of processing and sorting of waste are incorporated in the continuous improvement and development of our machines. You too can rely on our experience!

We are looking forward to you!

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