Maintenance & Service

Machines in daily use need the appropriate care in order to be able to work continuously and trouble-free. Regular maintenance is essential.
Often there are no longer sufficiently qualified personnel on the systems to do exactly that. Availability is in question and downtime and therefore a lot of money are at risk.

In order to minimize downtimes, we offer you our services. We check and report all machine and plant conditions, evaluate them and can use this information to identify at an early stage when maintenance and repair work can be expected.

In this way, downtimes can be planned and unwanted production losses are reduced. A precondition for this is regular maintenance and testing.

Talk to us! We have the right solution for you even if it is not an original Matthiessen machine.

An overview of our services:


  • Preventive maintenance as the basis for a long service life of your plants
  • Inventory / inspection of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Identifying/calculating maintenance intervals>
  • analysis of weak points
  • Maintenance work, repair work (reorientation, replacement of parts)
  • Regular maintenance works
  • Assembly works
  • UVV-Test

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