Feeding capacity up to 50 t/h

A large part of the household waste is collected in sacks and bags and then thrown into the bin. The composition of domestic waste varies greatly from region to region. However, one thing is certain: household waste contains many recyclable materials, the recycling of which is worth considering. More than 80% of the content is less than 400mm.

The bag ripper type SRIV requires only 25 kW for the treatment of 35t/h household waste (MSW). The easy accessibility and the screwed wear parts ensure a quick change of the ripping tools. Compared to other units with an assumed 140 kW, 4000 operating hours per year result in energy savings of 460,000 kWh. At 0.09 kWh Euro this means a cost saving of 41,400 Euro.

Fazit: A Bag Opener with feed hopper is the right machine. Low operating costs and high tear- and emptying rates guarantee optimum preparation of the recycling process.

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