Bale Breaker – Bale Loosener

Flexibility and economy for very good resolution of recyclable products.

Matthiessen Bale Looseners enable efficient and safe processing of a wide variety of bales.

Customized individual solutions can be offered for bales with or without wiring.

By optimally loosening compressed recyclables, Matthiessen Bale Breakers ensure an ideal start to the recycling process.

The bunker lengths can be individually adjusted. Of course, all wearing parts, such as the ripping tines, are screwable and can be replaced very quickly and easily if necessary.

Work safety has the highest priority today.

Work safety has the highest priority today. To release bales from wires is a dangerous step when it needs to be done manually. Safety clothing can protect employees only conditionally from serious accidents.

With the advanced BAIII as “ Double Drive “ – variant BANIII-DD Matthiessen has developed a Bale Breaker, in which this accident-prone manual dewiring is no longer necessary.

Cross and/or parallel wired bales are no obstacle.

Our machine „breaks“ the wires, which mostly remain in one piece and are not cut in little pieces.

Even bales of recyclable material loosely wrapped with film no longer need to be handled manually before loading into the feed bunker – depending on the number of layers and type of wrapping.

Our Bale Breaker effectively offers 3 machines in one: de-wirer, loosener, dosing machine.

The individual machine design is adapted to the respective project requirements.

Our BAIII (1,250 mm working width) and BAIV (1,850 mm working width) Matthiessen Bale Looseners provide classic opening of already unwired bales.

After the bale is de-wired or de-packed, it is loaded into the feed bunker by forklift, wheel loader or conveyor.

In our robust feeding bunker the speed-controlled chain belt brings the bales to the ripping rotor, which, which reliably loosens the bale material and feeds it in an evenly dosed to the rest of the process.

Main components of the Bale Breaker

  1. Ripping rotor
  2. Ripping comb
  3. Hold-down device