Innovative recycling tech for a cleaner future

Safeguard resources, avoid waste, save on costs and energy – processing reusable materials in your waste is an important part of sustainable environmental protection. ­Matthiessen Lagertechnik offers a wide range of the latest machines that have been specially developed for the recycling industry to ensure the best possible start to the treatment process. The individual components can be combined as modules to create high-performance system components so you can achieve maximum recycling rates.

Quality: Made in Germany, used around the world

Based in Krempe, just outside the gates of Hamburg, Matthiessen Lagertechnik develops and produces modern machines for all the different areas of recycling treatment. Together with our team of more than 50 employees, we push for innovative recycling tech that is used around the globe in order to reduce landfill and save valuable ­resources by reusing materials.

Our Bag Splitter, Bale Breaker, Oversize “Film” Remover and Dosing Bunker are now present in over 50 countries across every continent and to date have proven their performance and efficiency under all sorts of different real world conditions in more than 550 reference projects.

As recycling tech experts and one of the world’s leading suppliers in the sector, we can provide finetuned tech solutions for a full range of applications. As well as excellent availability, we also put an emphasis on producing machines that require minimal maintenance for maximum reliability and short downtimes.

Powerful tech for all sectors

Lightweight packaging, comingled material, green waste and urban household waste – the range of input products is vast and each poses quite unique challenges for waste treatment tech. Regional differences only make the job harder. That’s why machines from Matthiessen can be tailored to different waste fractions, material types and environments as modules. By offering a choice of different splitter combs for our Bag Splitters, for example, we ensure excellent splitting and emptying rates with maximum throughput. We also offer different sizes of feeding bunker depending on the plant concept and available space.

The Matthiessen Lagertechnik pruduct range:

Doing what’s best for our environment – tech that never stops developing

As recycling specialists, handling our earth’s resources responsibly is our top priority and a core aspect of our company philosophy. That’s why we work continuously to optimise the energy efficiency of our machines in order to keep harmful CO2 emissions from our machinery as low as possible. We have achieved this by reducing the amount of energy required to process 40 t/h household waste to just 24 kW, for example – for sustainable recycling from the very beginning!

Technical know-how and an attitude of partnership

Matthiessen Lagertechnik is an independent company within the Butzkies Stahlbau Group that has been winning customers with its technical know-how, innovative ideas and future-ready solutions for treating recyclable materials since 1990. As a family-run company, we are particularly concerned with maintaining a close personal dialogue with our customers and treating their challenges as our mission.

Our benchmark is to react quickly, sustainably and demand-oriented to your requirements

With more than three decades of experience, a wide range of products and services, and a team of employees from all sectors – from construction to sales and marketing to maintenance – we will be by your side as a reliable partner for specialist recycling tech.