Dosing bunker

Preparation processes always have a beginning. After delivery, material is fed to the recycling system in many plants. If mistakes are made in this step, the subsequent process can never run optimally again. A good dosage makes an optimal preparation possible.

The Matthiessen dosing bunkers are characterised by robustness and high availability. Due to the dosing drum, which is adapted to the respective task, almost every feed product is fed evenly into the preparation process. Product changes are possible without great constructional effort due to exchangeable carrier plates. Depending on product and space requirements, the dosing hoppers can be equipped with a chain belt conveyor or moving floor conveyor. Depending on the application, these can be individually adapted and, if necessary, installed in existing bunkers. The following products can be processed:


Hopper volumes of up to 100 m3 represent an optimal storage tank, the contents of which are evenly conveyed further. The use of these bunkers makes it possible to switch from batch operation to continuous operation.

Our dosing bunkers have a modular design. Hopper lengths and heights can be individually adjusted. Our standard widths are 1600 mm, 1850 mm, 2200 mm, 2700 mm.

Different products require different solutions. The machine can be used flexibly, even if the product should change. All wear parts are bolted and also very easy to replace.

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