Oversize Remover

Unnecessary losses due to downtimes

Recyclable materials are often collected in bags. Unfortunately, these bags, whether „yellow“ or „black“, just like agricultural and painting films, are a considerable disturbing factor in the sorting processes of any processing plant. This often leads to clogged screen linings and transfer points, or in the worst case even to complete plant downtimes.

Unnecessary losses due to downtimes can be reduced if films are removed from the material stream before the sorting process. The number of unplanned plant downtimes is reduced. The increase in availability automatically leads to a higher system throughput.

A solution is available for the medium and oversize fractions. The retracting and extending driving spikes generate targeted grabbing and releasing. Foils are picked up by the thorns and the voluminous materials are let through.

In combination with air sifting, the separated films can be transported up to 60 m into the sorting cabin for manual re-sorting.

The picture above shows a Matthiessen bag ripper type SRIII ARK 18m³ hopper volume with oversize separator in combination with air separation.
With this machine combination, a feed capacity of up to 14 t/h is possible.

Our bag ripper type SRIV ARK 2000 with our oversize separator FR2400 achieves feed capacities up to more than 20 t/h.

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