As an independent company of the Butzkies Stahlbau Group the Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH produces machines for the processing of recyclable materials as well as for the storage technology. Our products include, for example:

  • Bag Opener
  • Bale Breaker
  • Dosing devices (chain belt conveyer, moving floors)
  • Separating rotor for oversize films
  • Role splitter
  • Storage systems and warehouse racking systems
  • Storage systems and warehouse racking systems
  • equipment (e.g. paper roll transport, role pushers ….)

Our company is based in Krempe which is 50 km north of Hamburg We not only stand for „Made in Germany“ but also for „Made in Krempe“

Meanwhile, our machines are highly appreciated not only in Germany and Europe, but are in use worldwide.